Framing FAQ

Most of our print editions are done on beautiful, textured watercolor papers. We frequently receive question about framing, and wanted to answer some of your inquiries below:

"What do you recommend for framing?"

While framing is completely up to each client, there is no wrong way to frame. Kindah Khalidy's work is so vibrant and expansive, that we always love a white or natural wood frame with her work. This sets the stage in a simple way for the colorful work to shine. 

"Where should I get my piece framed?" 

It's recommended to visit a local framer, so that you can see framing options in person right next to your piece. Most will offer a free consultation as well. 

Ask if the framing techniques are archival. Basically this ensures that no materials will be used that will disturb the longevity of your artwork. 

It's also a good idea to find out if the artwork can be removed carefully, should you ever want to choose a different frame. Some framers will use glue which can actually end up ruining the artwork. 

"Do you offer framing?"

Yes! We offer locally done, archival framing. It's currently available to our U.S.A. clients, and can be added to your print selection on the product page. The price includes custom art shipping for your framed piece as well.